fonte: Washington Post, 20/3/2008

Glenn Frankel, Talking About My Generation: Baby Boomers get a full-dress history, while Gen X fights for attention.

THE SIXTIES UNPLUGGED. A Kaleidoscopic History Of a Disorderly Decade

By Gerard J. DeGroot | Harvard Univ. 508 pp. $29.95

X SAVES THE WORLD. How Generation X Got the Shaft But Can Still Keep Everything From Sucking

By Jeff Gordinier | Viking. 189 pp. $21.95

People today are still living off the table scraps of the Sixties,” the philosopher-king Bob Dylan once lamented. “They are still being passed around — the music and the ideas.” What Dylan bemoans, others celebrate. The ’60s remain the most controversial, creative and chaotic period of post-war American history — and the hardest to interpret. It’s all too much: the Vietnam War, three major political assassinations, the rise of the civil rights movement and women’s liberation, the supreme hubris and naivet¿ of the baby-boom generation. Not to mention the great culture wars that transported us from here to inanity: Dylan v. Barry Sadler, the Beatles v. the Archies, John Wayne v. “Midnight Cowboy,” the young Bill Clinton not inhaling at Oxford v. the Skull and Bones George W. Bush chug-a-lugging his way through Yale. It’s an era long on ear-splitting, vertigo-inducing cognitive dissonance, short on coherence.

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Counter Culture Movement in New Mexico Documented in Recent Issue of El Palacio

The Counter Culture of the 1960s in New Mexico is documented in the pages of the most recent edition of the quarterly publication of the Museum of New Mexico, El Palacio. (ver Counterculture in the Land of Clear Light )

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